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Shady Grace lives in northwestern Ontario off the rocky shores of Lake Superior. She pens adventurous romance and erotica with rugged men and feisty women.

When she’s not writing, you can find her chilling with the people she loves and enjoying the great outdoors.

Love and sex should be exciting and unforgettable. Being able to write about it is better than cheesecake.

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Current Releases
Follow her heart, or make her family proud . . . ? Avia Rockwell—heiress to Melina’s Vineyard—must find a suitable husband. But one forbidden kiss from Cade Kildare, a childhood friend and rakehell foreman, makes all of her promi...
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Avia's Secret
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Is that a gun in his pocket or…?   Jamie Fields can hardly refuse a free vacation. Jobless and broke, the struggling single gal is in need of serious stress relief. Sure, the set up is suspicious—no one gives away a trip to exotic...
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The Hitman Who Loved Me
All George wants is one night with the enchanting Vera Cross. She is the reason and the answer to his tormented dreams. One touch, one kiss, one sigh from her foxy lips, and the hungry beast burning within will give her everything she desires. But as...
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A life of crime—or a lifetime of love? Mary Billing knows her solitary mountain life is over when a handsome stranger blows on to her land in an unmarked chopper. Terry McCoy is not only dangerous to the pretty widow’s shattered senses...
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Never Give You Up
Long days, precious nights… Mima Etu lives a quiet life with her sled dogs in the stunning Canadian Rockies. But that all changes when she stumbles upon a plane crash while out on a supply run. She’s shocked to discover the pilot is s...
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Beautiful Criminal
Falling in love can be a dangerous thing. Sinful love is in the air, yet Liv Erichsen is beyond its reach. With two fiancés murdered a week before her weddings, what man would dare love her? In walks Mason Davidson, a handsome devil and a r...
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Killer Appeal
Eileen Lavoie hasn’t had a moment’s peace in forever. As manager of Ragin’ Cajun Racing, being mother hen to testosterone and ego in coveralls is tough business. Not only did she break the rules and date her lead driver, she’s...
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High-Speed Hunger
She’s unbreakable…until he kisses her.  Either Milli Bishop is drunk out of her mind, or she seriously just woke up one-hundred years in the past. One minute she’s gazing at an amethyst ball; the next she's fainting in ...
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A love-seeking man and a gold-thieving woman… Oliver Nash is looking for a mistress. What interesting circumstances, to discover a ravishing thief trifling in his bedchamber. Her eyes arouse him, her passion ignites him, and her gall amuses...
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A Thief and a Gentleman
Sometimes digging for the truth unleashes deadly consequences.  In the remote Alberta wilderness, a madman wanders Cold Lake. His victims are happy to share his company…until they suffer by his blade. Journalist Carmen James and her ca...
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The Edge of the Woods
Come away with Shady Grace to find pleasure and passion, humor and action, with seven naughty bedtime stories you won’t soon forget. From a torrid encounter in the wilderness, to using a mechanic’s tools for pleasure, and luscious second ...
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Long Kiss Goodnight

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