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Shalanna Collins (fantasy/YA author, occasionally writing romantic suspense as Caitlyn Young) is the alter ego of mystery/suspense author Denise Weeks, a lifelong writer from Dallas, Texas.  She has been writing since she could hold a crayon.

Like many homegrown Texas humorists, Shalanna is not funny.  Novelist, pianist, belly dancer, baton twirler (but no fire batons ever again, by order of the Renner, Texas, Volunteer Fire Brigade), and amateur radio operator, she has published many fascinating short pieces and has placed in the Robert Benchley Essay contest several years in a row.  A graduate of SMU many years after Laura Bush, Shalanna has worked as a software engineer, Dairy Queen soft-serve cone maker (she perfected that little twirl on the top of the dipped cone), math tutor, and most recently head quality-control supervisor at the banana factory.  (Okay, we made up that bit about the banana factory just to sound cool.)

She went to New York City in December 2008 as one of eight finalists in the Scotch Brand Most Gifted (Gift) Wrapper Contest and participated in the final rounds held at Rockefeller Center.  While in NYC, she made a pilgrimage to the Algonquin to kiss the famed Algonquin Round Table where Robert Benchley, Dorothy Parker, and many other greats once sat every day at lunch.  Her novel Dulcinea was the first runner-up in the original 1996 Warner Aspect First Fantasy Novel contest.

She and her husband live happily in a northern suburb of Dallas, Texas, with their two beloved pets: a yappy Pomeranian and Shalanna's elderly mother.

She collects Benchley first editions and patterned paper towels. Her favorite foods are curried yak and French fries. She knows (but is not telling) a plethora of alchemical and occult secrets. Homeland Security has identified her as a person of interest.

Favorite Author(s): Shakespeare, Donald E. Westlake, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Henry Miller, Harper Lee, Zilpha Keatley Snyder, Philip K. Dick, God

Favorite Book(s): To Kill a Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby, The Secret History, The Egypt Game, Enter Three Witches, Bellwether (by Connie Willis), Cat's Cradle (Vonnegut), Dulcinea (by Shalanna Collins)

Top Films:  Bell, Book, and Candle; It's a Wonderful Life; Real Genius; Harvey; Casablanca; All About Eve; Please Don't Eat the Daisies


See also my alter ego Denise Weeks (mystery/suspense and literary chick lit) and please visit her author page at


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