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Shandy lives in Upstate New York with her husband, two kids, five cats, and dog. By day is a not so mild mannered sewing machine operator. At night, and on weekends, she is Super Mom. Chasing kids, cleaning house, wrangling animals and whatever else might come up. She also runs several blogs.

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The worlds gone crazy. People are attacking each other in the streets. Mica comes home to find her sick foster father bumping around his bedroom. She thinks he's on another bender, until he tries to bite someone's face off. Alone in the hous...
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The Survivalistas: Book 2.5- Mica
Terrorist have infected several meat packing plants across the US. People are getting sick and dieing... then coming back. All Lyric wanted was to be the next Miss Ireland for the Irish Festival, and she got it along with her life altering. Now she&...
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The Survivalistas: Book 2- Lyric
"Citizens are warned not to eat any meat products." Indiana is the perfect daughter girl-girl for her mom and tom boy for her dad. While spending the weekend at her fathers survival school, she returns to find the world in the grip of a bi...
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The Survivalistas: Book 1 Indiana

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