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Shannah Biondine

I'm a former professional resume writer who is the author of several historical romances and works of fantasy. I'm an avid and eclectic fiction reader myself. I collect Venetian masks and the art of Josephine Wall. I also own big dogs, read tarot cards, and enjoy both jigsaw and crossword puzzles. Since relocating from Southern California to Colorado, I've developed an affinity for shoveling snow. To learn how to pronounce my pen name or learn more about my titles, please visit my website.

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Current Releases
Morgan Tremayne is a handsome, brash entrepreneur in Yorkshire, England. He and his partner, Boyd Atkinson, have decided to hire a clerk to help with recordkeeping for their growing business interests. Boyd goes to London and returns with a clerk....
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Lady Fugitive
Travis Conley looks a lot like his older brother, Rafe. But that's where the resemblance ends. Travis doesn't go tracking outlaws or looking for danger and adventure. He's got roots in Pueblo--running his own cattle spread, going to ch...
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Sweet Talker
How much in life is chance? How much is choice? How much is Fate? Rafe Conley has made the choice to work as a freelance gun and bounty hunter. He rides into some of the West's rowdiest towns, taking care of problems for men willing to pay...
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The Trailrider's Fortune
Del Mitchell's a horse rancher in Wadsworth, Nevada. He's also a man known for brash behavior. When Del's intended leaves him at the altar, he heads straight for Minerva's Pleasure Palace and some liquor, some trollops, some chocol...
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Hell's Belle
Wil Bregon is a detective on the trail of jewel smugglers. Honey Ashlar's out to disrupt a big society wedding. When the accidentally collide on the sidewalk outside San Francisco's Methodist church, it sets in motion a wild chain of event...
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Buttons & Beaus
Warmonger. The Royal Blade. Dark Waniand mercenary knight. Rumors about him suggest the creature beneath the black cowl is not entirely human. Moreya Fa Yune, a noblewoman with bright purple tresses and lavender eyes, possessing rare beauty, i...
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