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After seventeen years of abuse, I was done with pain, done with being the victim. I was done with a lot of things, really. Like vampire demons and witches and angels and violence and lust and blood. Yup, I was done with all that stuff. Needless to...
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So Weeps the Demon (Demon Slayer Part Two) * Saving Demons Series * Book Five
So, never mind all that stuff I said when I said I’d rather be Jade, ‘cuz her world sucked! She came to me in a dream, and I lived in her world of dragmen, monsters and madness, watching the unfurling of my fate, and I learned the hell...
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The Book of Jade * Saving Demons Series Book Four
  There is something seriously wrong with me, and I’m not just talking about the fact that demons live inside of me. No, there’s definitely more to it than this. I cant stop loving Bane. He is evil incarnate. An archaic lust t...
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Warrior Rising * Saving Demons Series * Book Two
Sure I fell in love with Lucifer’s son, but so what? Worse things have happened, believe me! Like the time my demonic father nailed my palms to a cross, or the time I shoved a dagger into my breast, sacrificing myself for The Coven of Hallow...
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Bloodline * Saving Demons Series
I killed him. And the scariest part about it was that I liked it. Lucifer’s son hurt Izzy. He hurt Roman. And he hurt me when he took from me the one thing I held most sacred in my soul, and imbedded a seed within me that will undoubtably bl...
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Demon Slayer (Part One) Saving Demons Series Book Three

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