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At the age of ten, when I read Black Beauty, I knew I wanted to be a writer. But life got in the way. I discovered boys, went to college, got married, had kids, all the usual things people do. Yet during it all, the dream simmered until one day my two oldest were in school and my youngest was taking a nap and I said to myself, "Sharon, if you're going to do it, now's the time."

My brother sold me his out-of-date Gateway computer for $200. I had dial-up connection and an internet package that allowed me twenty hours per month of web surfing, but I managed to write my first story in just under three months.

I must say, I was a little scared at first. Not at the long hill I'd have to climb (I was too naive to realize just what I'd gotten myself into) but because suddenly there were people living in my head, talking to me, demanding I tell their stories. And it wasn't just one hero and heroine--there were many. From then on I knew what I wanted to do when I grew up (never mind I'd been married nearly mumble-mumble years and the mother of three). I wanted to be a writer.
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"Emotionally charged romantic suspense...Sharon Cullen is one to watch" ~ Paranormal Romance Reviews

"Ultimately, Sharon Cullen has written an exceptionally beautiful and gratifying romance, which I wanted to keep reading about. I’m definitely going to read more of her work." ~ A-, Madame Butterfly

"Brimming with intrigue, mystery, steamy, yet tender love scenes and an adventurous plot, I found it impossible to put it down until I was finished reading it. REDEMPTION is one roller coaster ride of an adventure you won’t want to miss!" ~ 5 Ribbons, Romance Junkies

"Both dynamite characters leave an impression in this well-written read that captured my heart. This extraordinary story has a too die for ending that made this reader's heart leap for joy." ~ 5 Cups, Coffee Time Romance

"Redemption is a highly emotional story that I recommend to anyone looking for a wonderful read about two wounded people overcoming the past to build a future." ~ Best Book, The Long and the Short of it Reviews


"Deception is a thrill ride you simply must encounter. If action and suspense is what your summer is missing, I suggest you pick up a copy of Sharon Cullen’s Deception." ~
5 Nymphs, Literary Nymphs

"Fans of Tara Janzen’s “Steele Street” series will love “Deception” by Sharon Cullen... I really loved this book. A new favorite author. It was an all around great book. Action, suspense… and of course romance." ~5 Stars, Ecataromance

"The awesome plot was jam-packed with non-stop action, super-hot romance and a thrilling cat-and-mouse game that had my heart pounding with breathtaking excitement. " ~ 4 Blue Ribbons, Romance Junkies

"Deception is a fabulous romantic suspense." ~ 5 stars, The Long and the Short of It.

Night Song

"I would recommend this one to anyone looking for a passionate tale of love, danger and vampires." ~5 Hearts The Romance Studio

A Forever Kind of Thing

Nominated for best book of the year 2005.

~ Romance Reviews Today

"...truly a touching romance. It is so in-depth that it practically reaches to the soul." ~ The Romance Studio

"Sharon Cullen writes a heart-wrenching, romantic story that readers will not want to miss. A Forever Kind of Thing has all the essential ingredients of a top-notch romance - love, heartache, intrigue, fascinating characters, and a well-developed plot - earning it a Perfect 10, the highest honor RRT can bestow upon it."~ Romance Reviews Today

"Ms. Cullen has managed to create something that will stir your emotions and have you anticipating each page." ~ Fallen Angels Review

"A truly wonderful love story set in both the past and the present, teaching us that life has more than one path and that sometimes choosing the unknown can turn out to be better than we could ever hope for." ~5 Hearts, The Romance Studio

"A Forever Kind of Thing is indeed staying forever on my bookshelf so that I can read it over and over again. From the first page, Ms. Cullen captured my attention with little effort. In no time I found myself reading with vicious speed, dying to know what would happen next between the hot, fated-to-live-forever Mikael (I think I love him) and the cute little librarian, Allison... Do yourself a favor and grab this one for your own keeper shelf!" ~ Long and Short of it Reviews5 Stars


Deception - 2009 EPPIE finalist, 2008 eCataromance Reviewers Choice Award Winner
Redemption - Awarded Best Book by LASR
A Forever Kind of Thing - TRS 2008 CAPA Nominee
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From rising romance star Sharon Cullen comes a tale of the fiery passion between a noble naval officer and a female pirate that’s as tempestuous and as unpredictable as the sea.   Nicholas Addison, celebrated captain of the Blackwell S...
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Night Song

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