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In Sharon Lea Ford's spellbinding first book, The Pages of Lost Time, she challenges us to reflect on our lives and ponder our ideas of reality and imagination. Ford's gripping story of different places and diverse times, of childhood vulnerabilities and chilling imaginings, will enthral you to the core. She writes a thrilling story that young fantasy fans will gobble up in one reading. With vivid imagination, she weaves reality and fantasy brilliantly, capturing the innocence of youth when faced with enormous challenges.

When The Day Comes, is her second book and somewhat different to the first; A paranormal romance/Erotica that any avid romance reader will get lost in. Fords imagination will take you into the depths of her characters thoughts and leave you wanting more.

Sharon lives with her husband, youngest son and two cats on the South Gold Coast of Australia. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her reading or cooking up a storm with a glass of wine or two.  

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 Who knows what's real. The imagination can play a very strong part of our lives and we don't even know its happening. Only our subconscious will keep things hidden for a while. But then it can get too much for some of us to bear, and...
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The Pages of Lost Time

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