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Sharon M Clarke

Sharon M. Clarke, The eldest of five was raised in the rural village of New Boston, Michigan, bordering Lower Huron Metro Parks. Sharon loved playing baseball, history, watching movies and drawing. Her father labored in the River Rouge Steel Industry as well as being an accomplished carpenter with every woodworking tool known to man set up in the cluttered garage that was heated with a wood-burning stove during the long cold Michigan winters. Sharon's mother was a coal miners daughter. During the longer school holidays the Ping family would pack up the car and kids an travel the Ohio, Pennsylvania Turnpike, destination, New Salem, PA. They were magical times. The smell of coal hung heavy in the air even though the coke ovens had been closed for years. Climbing the local slag heap, that had been nicknamed Slate Dump Mountain was always a treat for the young family. From the top of the hill you could view the entire valley and surrounding hillside. Sharon loved listening to her grandfather and great uncles talking about their days in the mines combined with all the good times and heart-ships they endured. In her adult life Sharon moved to Florida and lives on an island in the Gulf of Mexico where her renewed interest in the arts flourished. An accomplished painter, Sharon felt she could do more and took up writing. Her subject, the Pennsylvania coal mines of which she has two novels, Mourning Redemption and  Morgan's Crossing. Both books are doing well and have a Five Star Rating with Amazon. Books can be purchased and autographed through her email address, Or her website  at

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