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During Sharon’s writing career she’s lived in a house with a Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs, shared a publisher with the creator of Roger Rabbit, and has taken a trip to Jupiter. Only one of these has been in her imagination.

The first short story she submitted — Silver Apples of the Moon — was accepted by Roadworks Magazine. The editor announced her as “a writer who is going places” and described the story as having “both a Sci-fi and horror element,” and being “strong on characterisation, and quite literary, in terms of style.” Subsequently, she was approached to write all reports and publicity material, including a piece for translation into Braille for The Really Wild Nursery and Arthritis Care Breaking Down the Barriers garden project, which took place at the Malvern Spring Show.

Since then, her work has appeared steadily in both print and electronic publications, such as Midnight Street, Aoife’s Kiss (Sam’s Dot Publishing), Night To Dawn, and Radgepacket (Byker Books). Her short story — Bitter and Intoxicating — was snapped up for inclusion in the anthology Red Velvet and Absinthe. This compilation, edited by Mitzi Szereto with a foreword by Kelly Armstrong, was designed to evoke the romantic ethos of classic Gothic fiction with a serving of eroticism. With a repertoire of twisted tales and a love of cross-genre writing, it surprised everyone (including herself) when she branched out into erotic romance. These works have been critically acclaimed and often described as ‘deeply passionate’.

Sharon’s worlds are vivid, unexpected and sometimes intensely magical. Sharon writes whatever her warped mind can come up with and is quite capable of writing something darker, grittier, and even outright twisted. Though her love for all things Myth and Legend has led her to write under more than one name, from 2019 she's using S.M.Bidwell for her Dark Fiction.

She was propelled into the Steampunk universe of Space, 1899 and beyond, winning approval of series creator and award-winning game designer, Frank Chadwick, with three books, one of which was co-authored with editor (and writer) Andy Frankham-Allen, and subsequently led to her writing for the Lethbridge-Stewart series, and a short audio story for Doctor Who, performed by Katy Manning.

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A Note From Sharon Maria Bidwell

Sharon is the author of the best-selling m/m romance, “Snow Angel”, and with numerous publishing credits in many genres.

When people ask me to explain my work, only one word springs to mind: Diverse. I’ve written fact and fiction in almost any genre. So far, I’ve been extremely lucky in that I have had the opportunity to do this, but I’ve also, often, had the pleasure of crossing genres. Thus, crime, horror, fantasy, action, adventure, fairy tales, gothic, erotica, non-traditional romance, and slipstream, are themes I’ve use in any combination.

Upcoming projects:

I have a backlist at Changeling Press, and at present write for Loose id and JMS Books. Outside of romance I occasionally sub short stories to magazines, and I am part of the team writing for the Steampunk universe of Space 1889 & Beyond. The Wishing Bazaar is my first piece of Doctor Who related fiction.

Current Releases
Richard stands at the door of his living room watching a young man move about the room examining mementos of his life. He has brought this man here for one reason -- to lay both he and a ghost to rest. Like the poster hanging on his living room wall,...
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Sharon Maria Bidwell’s best-selling gay romance trilogy is now available in a box set. From falling in love to finding forever, join Dean and Jay on the way to their happy ever after! Contains the stories: Snow Angel: Dean likes women, but n...
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Angel Box Set
Shapeshifting police officer Bobby Pooch wants to build a stable life with the woman he loves, but working in the same department with Chantelle and his underlying feelings for Sam makes for a complicated situation, further marred by the inherent thr...
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Ruff Trouble
Mason’s more scared of love than he is of the walking dead. Mason’s facing more than one apocalypse. The darkest hours are those spent alone when memories surface and the touch of his lost love can make the most erotic of dreams horrif...
Available Now!
A Not So Hollow Heart
True love's path seldom runs smooth. Dean Chapman built his life and reputation around being a womaniser. Until he fell in love with a man. Three years with his boyfriend, Jay, have upended the identity of which he was always so sure. To gi...
Available Now!
Christmas Angel
Jay’s thoughts are far from angelic. Sequel to Snow Angel Last year, Dean Chapman fell in love ... with another man. He’s fallen for childhood friend Jay Reid, and as Jay is a kind, loving soul, Dean knows he holds an angel’s hear...
Available Now!
Angel Heart (sequel to Snow Angel)
Limited edition 400 copies, available direct from Candy Jar Books: Strange fungoid creatures in Hull, a deserted Scottish vil...
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The Havoc Files 3
Come out of the cold, into the warm ... Dean Chapman has always had a thing for April Reid, ‘the girl next door’, the woman he’s never had. What he doesn’t know is that while he made puppy dog eyes at her, her younger broth...
Available Now!
Snow Angel
PRESSRELEASE                                25/11/2016 LETHBRIDGE-STEWART PRE-ORDER FREE STORY Candy Jar Books is pleas...
Available Now!
The Wishing Bazaar
Daniel’s more scared of his feelings for Richard than being stranded on a tropical island. When a business trip goes awry it leaves Daniel and Richard stranded with more to contend with than just the problem of survival. What’s a man t...
Available Now!
Can absolution arrive in three little words? When one man has the worst of reputations and believes any misfortune befalling him is deserved, it’s hard to feel worthy of love. Can absolution arrive in three little words? Journalist, Phill...
Available Now!
Hard Pressed
Can a kiss really change everything? Having made a very successful film together, friends and actors, Nick and Alex have to decide whether to take on another joint venture or go their separate ways creatively. Then the perfect manuscript arrives, ...
Available Now!
Acting Out
Ignatius is about to be seduced by a legend. During a time when even the most educated of folk believe in ghosts, Ignatius Swain arrives in the quiet town of Ville sur le Fleuve to act as pedagogue to the adult daughter of Gregoire Delacroix. There ...
Available Now!
Seduced by a Legend
Whoever said space was cold, never found love from the stars ... Some people never learn. This is the tune playing once again in Alex Beaumont’s head when he sees a vision in white attracting odd glances in the quiet little seaside resort of...
Available Now!
Space, Man
Do you support the right of any human being to marry the person they love? I Do - Anthology In support of marriage equality Multiple Authors Edited by Kris Jacen ISBN 978-1-934531-71-6 (ebook); 978-1-934531-70-9 (paperback) Release Date: Ja...
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I Do (anthology)

A Peek Into the Life of Sharon Maria Bidwell

Merlin's Cave at Tintagel, Cornwall

Merlin's Cave at Tintagel, Cornwall
11 Years of Love

11 Years of Love
My garden

My garden

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