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Sharon loves adventure. Whether traveling through Malaysia on a jungle train, sailing in the San Juan Islands, or flying in an experimental airplane she helped her husband build, her life has been on the road less traveled. She has experienced hurricanes tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, and more. She has seen sunsets that take your breath away.

Her first publishing credit began in Malaysia while traveling from Kluang to Kota Bharu on the now defunct "jungle train." See "beginnings." She then edited, researched, and wrote young adult nonfiction for two educational publishers, Greenhaven Press and Lucent Books.

As a storyteller, Sharon knows that facts and life experiences are the foundations of good storytelling. If she were to credit one life experience behind wanting to be a writer, it would be the term paper she wrote in the ninth grade on the bubonic plague. "I don't know why, but I have always remembered that," Sharon said.

Today Sharon is working on a second novel at home in Eastern Washington, where she lives with her husband on the edge of a desert runway . . . but that's another story!



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Evernight Teen
A Note From Sharon Marie Himsl

This is a contemporary mystery/adventure that opens in Seattle in 1995. Characters travel to Hawaii, Malaysia and Thailand by sailboat and plane. A PG rating  of 14+ is set due to implied (but not graphic) violence and topics such as a murder witnessed, human trafficking, kidnapping, and drug/jewel smuggling. There is a sweet coming of age romance midway in story as the main character turns fifteen and meets an ex-pat from Chicago living in Malaysia. The two become detectives in solving the final mystery. The main character is half Malay and half American. Malaysia comprises three cultures, where the main character meets and befriends those in the Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures. 

An interesting aside. The Shells of Mersing is set in 1995, the year that the Internet went worldwide, Windows 95 went live, and cell phone use in Southeast Asia began to spread. Communication was about to boomerang in ways no one could have imagined. In 1995, most teens in the U.S. had never used a cell phone and email was something their parents talked about at work (but had mixed feelings about) or played with at home, assuming they even had a computer. Having lived in Malaysia in 1995-96, I saw my first cell phone and experienced email on the worldwide net. My husband had been hired to set up email at a polytechnic and teach computers. From our flat in Kluang, I exchanged manuscripts with my writer friends in the states, but worried about losing everything over the internet and also receiving a horrific bill. This made for an interesting setting for my teen trying to communicate, discovering cell phones and email for the first time. 


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When notorious Uncle Azman disobeys his boss’s orders, and sends his niece and nephew to meet their mother's long lost family in Malaysia, fourteen-year-old Callie Davis falsely believes their troubles are over. After all they have endure...
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The Shells of Mersing

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