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I spent most of my adult life in the Boston area. (I miss the city, but not the winters. Heaven is eighty degrees and blue skies.) While in Boston, I was a jack-of-all-trades, mastering two: radio personality and technical writer/online help designer. I also worked as a taxi driver, clerical chartist for the Federal Reserve Bank, and temporary office worker for half a dozen companies. However, fiction writing is my first and longest-lived love.

The inspiration for Cover Me was my own life, though the book was heavily fictionalized, of course. I did not marry my husband for health insurance, nor is my ex a rat like Kirk the Jerk—far from it. I will admit to being a single mom for a while, and I do have a daughter, now grown, who could show a bit of Libbie's attitude when young—and still does, on occasion…

I read widely, adoring a good story with quirky characters. Besides reading, I enjoy being around horses and cats, singing, creating new recipes, taking solitary road trips, and hanging with friends. I confess to being hopelessly addicted to the wonderfully-over-the-top television shows Boston Legal, House, Men in Trees, Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives, and 24. I write erotic romance under the name Barrie Abalard.

My family and I currently live in one of the Middle Atlantic states. I believe that a woman should have a past that's juicy enough to enjoy retelling in her old age. Not that I'm going to tell it here, mind you, and not that I'm old…

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The pictures below are of Mount Denali in Alaska (as seen from the front porch of our public-use cabin), and of our cat and our daughter's cat, who lives with us. I'm still looking for a good fourth picture. :-)

I'm working on my next release, but it's taking a bit longer than I anticipated. Once the release is done, I'll be sure to announce it here.
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