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I began reading romance novels at the age of 12. Unfortunately for me, my grandmother found out that I was reading a book from her stash and she confiscated it! Once I got a little bit older, I began the wonderful journey into romance for a second time. I have never looked back. Everything from vampires to ranch hands, I love them all.

I started writing romance when I was 13 years old. I still remember writing in school and sharing my pages with friends in class. By the time I was in high school, even my English teacher was asking to read my chapters. After graduation and spending a few years in the workforce, I made the decision to finally submit my work for publication.

I remember attending my first Romantic Times Convention. I thought it would be a cinch to snag a publisher and quickly hand them my submission. Boy, was I wrong! That first convention, I gave myself a three year time frame to get published. One of the authors at the event said that it should at least be five. She was right!

My love for writing and my stubborn spirit would not allow the rejections to deter me from my goal in life. After six years of submissions, I finally received a contract for my erotic romance novel.

For all the aspiring authors out there who still have not been published, I challenge you to be true to yourself and your writing. You will get there if you want it bad enough. I always used to tell myself with every rejection letter, "If I don't believe in myself, why should anyone else?" Years later, that still holds true.

Live the Dream and Let your Characters Bloom!

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  When Jackson Hart came back to town to bury his mother, the last person he wanted to see was Mallory Westfall. Fifteen years ago, she walked away from him when he needed her most. Now, he’s back, but he isn’t the naïve ...
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Sins of the Past
Anonymous…   Sinful…   Delicious…   In Club X, a place where desires are fulfilled and fulfilled well, you will find your deepest, darkest fantasies waiting.    For Jade Monroe, she wil...
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Club X Megabook
When Jade Monroe's sister, Ruby, is murdered, she vows to find her killer. But coming to New Orleans means facing the one man she has never been able to get over, her sister's ex-boyfriend.  Clay Devlin stole more than just a kiss years ago. ...
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The Pleasure of Sin

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