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A grigori is a Watcher angel--one who teaches humans important life lessons. Getting directly involved with a human is forbidden. Ten years ago, Elian watched the love of his life slip away, and he was forced to atone for his involvement. Now he'...
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Christmas Wish

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Through the Window Darkly
  For more than eight centuries, Dante lived a placid existence confined to the estate where he died. That is, until an old lover from his past returns home, and a never forgotten passion is rekindled. When the truth of Dante’s ...
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A Ghost Story
  Mael Black, vampire prince of London, and his vampire-hunting angel, Cian, are back in their third and final book! An ancient force has awakened and is hellbent on nothing short of the total destruction of the Romanorum. Mael and C...
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Forever May Not Be Long Enough
Politics abound and Jacoby, like his fellow soldiers, is no stranger to intrigue when it concerns war and the crown. Always on guard, he's shocked when a certain man prepositions him. Nothing this man does is without reason, and finding ...
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Code of War
Forced from Mysteria University, and his own home, by a scheming father, Maer must make his way in a world he knows little about. Luck is on his side when he encounters an accounting wizard, Ethan, Ethan's wife, Princess Sophy, and a mage, Darius...
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A Guide to Magical Cant
As an indentured slave to the worst magician in the land, Hawk hates his life. When he suddenly finds himself matched in a duel with the one of the most famous wizards in Aurora, Hawk is in way over his head. In less than one match, Hawk finds hi...
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A Magical Story
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For his entire life, Bryan had been aware of his guardian. He'd never seen the man yet Jaden had paid for everything. Each of Bryan's birthdays, he'd been given unusual gifts, ones that made him wonder even more about his guardian.   Every req...
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The Guardian
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