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Shayne Reynard is a new and very hot erotic writer, specialising in fetish, taboo and graphic gay erotica. Shayne's writing is the most intensely erotic on the Net. Shayne's first fetish story is "Nixos", followed by a longer more profound novel length work, "The Pagan Lord".
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Sexually explicit content, X rated and adults only. Lord Vincent Harcourt - an anarchist, a pagan, a non-conformist, Vincent loves his own step-children, and needs them to love him in return. His urges are animal and incessant, and he seduces his m...
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The Pagan Lord
Fetish Erotica. Adults only. Enter the exotic and erotic world of the specialized fetish of Golden Showers. When the Greek Lord Anthony sees a beautiful unknown youth watering one of his olive trees, be becomes entranced by the youth whose name is ...
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