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Welcome, Sheila is a wife, mother, grandmother and writer who currently resides in Springfield Mo. She loves to read just about anything in the fiction genre and non-fiction as well. She is a Breast Cancer surviver who attributes the person she is today to having to go through the cancer battle. She has always loved to write but after surviving cancer she knew she had the strength to do just about anything. Her first project with Rebel Ink Press is the A Forever Love Anthology. If you love Adult Contempory Romance with suspense and a bit of paranormal thrown in you need to read her works.

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The day he left her world fell apart, turned upside down and broken. He had vanished with no word to where he was going or when he would return. The handsome exciting Irish boy was gone from her life as quickly as he'd wandered into it. Ten y...
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Giving All of Me Crowned with Loyalty
Willoughby Road is the type of place where you can sit on your front porch with your glass of tea and watch the moonlight reflect off of the lake in front. The tree frogs are singing and the cicadas are chirping sounding like they are carrying on a c...
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Willoughby Road Summer of Change
Two people can love each other their entire lives, but love can't always save you. Even a forever love. Grayson and Cecily's lives have always been intertwined, whether they were best friends or Cecily was with her abusive ex. Grayson swore...
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A Forever Love Anthology
Grayson has been through some very dark and difficult times over the past year, but with Kelly's love, persistence and dedication, he’s been able to find happiness again.  Yet he’s still haunted by the death of his wife and unbor...
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A Forever Love: Redemption
Grayson had loved Cecily his entire life. When they finally found one another, their happiness was ripped away by Cecily's psycho ex who murdered her and Grayson's unborn child. Grayson vowed he would hunt Mark to the ends of the earth and de...
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A Forever Love, Retribution
Grayson and Cecily have known each another since they were little kids. Two people who love one another more than life, neither one knows how the other feels. Secalee escapes to New York City after high school to experience the big city while Gray...
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A Forever Love

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