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We’re like shooting stars speeding through the night sky -- when we collide we set the night on fire. “Why do we do this?” “Because we’re so good together.” “For a few days. A few weeks, even. But th...
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Christmas Spirits: Shooting Stars
On the Island of Tir na nOg, Tranorva comes face to face with her destiny. Her mission: free Clan Bear from slavery deep in the mines of …lahandara. Her party: a dead man, a thief, a madman, and a prophet. Together they share a vision fo...
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The Northlanders 2: Song of the Bear (Box Set)
When Master Sergeant Glenn Trawick rotates back to the US, he's got no plans for the holidays. Until his cousin Karen talks him into escorting all the volunteers he can round up to the annual corporate Military Friends and Family Christmas party....
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Christmas Magic: After Party
Earth: 2456 In a post apocalyptic world befraught with racial prejudices and dangerous lovers, the shape-shifting women of the Clan of the Wolf fight for their very survival against Orcs, Ogres, Dark Elves, and the frozen Northlands themselves. Th...
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The Northlanders 1: The Way of the Wolf (Box Set)
A dark corner of a seedy bar on the edge of nowhere. A woman who's seen too much. A man who moves through the shadows with the grace of a cat. She's on his tail, and he's determined to find out why. Once he might have been flattered to...
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Spaceport: Security
Victoria Townsen's falling in love with her hero. She's just not sure which one. Ewan MacKenzie is a dangerous man. He's in control of almost every situation -- except the woman who haunts his fantasies. He's perfect. The embodimen...
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Cardboard Hero
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Former agent Charlotte Giles escaped to the wilds of West Virginia to build a horse farm, never expecting to need her old job skills again. But when Charlie falls for a handsome cowboy who drifts into her life, she trades her own demons for his perso...
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Stranded. Nothing to warm her but the heat of his body. A stranger, holding her in the dark. She wanted things she had no right to even imagine. Ever since she'd taken The Purity Test on line the questions have been nagging her. Have you ever ...
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A Kiss in the Dark (Duet)
Cherie, office IT tech and unmitigated girl-gamer-geek, protects her privacy by telling the office matchmakers she has a boyfriend stationed overseas. Tech Sergeant Zakarias, the unit IT guy, tells the guys on base he's got a girlfriend waiting b...
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Yule Tied: Christmas Party
Maggie. Drop dead gorgeous brunette. Retro-Blues singer, Maggie is, and a damn fine one, at that. Maggie's all class. Too classy for Nashville. Far too classy for the likes of me. Me, I'm a cop with a real nose for crime -- I'm also a ...
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Protect and Serve: House of Blues
Scotland: The Year of Our Lord 1749 Captain Ewan MacKenzie. A man with a price on his head. They call him the Gray Ghost. Untraceable. Unstoppable. One woman would attempt what the entire English Navy couldn't manage. Riona Chattan-Campbell...
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Wild Geese
In the aftermath of the collapse of world governments, technology, and civilization as Earth has known it hundreds of years, the Watchers have awakened. The Dragons have returned. Gargoyle: Earth: 2110 Former North American Continent The bad guys...
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Dragon's Watch (Box Set)
What could possibly make a blind date worse? Being stood up. But Deputy Sheila Wolfe’s got a rescuer. Tall, dark and handsome just happens to be a were. Were what she’s not quite sure, but her gift of Paranormal Second Sight’s showi...
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SOS: Pheromones
When a simple escort goes all wrong, 1st Sgt. Emily Novak has only one hope to recover the hijacked shipment of medical supplies she was supposed to protect, as well as locate her missing men. And that's to find Cob. Julius Vernon Jacobs. The 3rd...
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CenCom 1: Point B
"I don't believe in magic." Did he actually say those words -- out loud -- in an Irish pub, on St. Patrick's Day? Divorced and alone, Michael Matthews doesn't believe in much of anything anymore. So when he downs several mugs...
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Changeling (Second Edition)
Jody's won the masquerade costume competition for four years running. She should be a shoo-in for first place this year, as well, except that she's being badly upstaged by a tentacle monster costume. Tara's got to come to the rescue or it...
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Earth Con: Synchronicity
Feral cats are disappearing all over Chinatown, and Special Agent Tom Katowski, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, has been assigned to investigate the case. Not that feral cats are really his jurisdiction, but the county’s getting way too many ca...
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SOS: Black as Night
The snows have retreated from the southern regions of old Europe, and commerce is beginning to bloom again. With trade comes crime. Sindarin, Ranger of Talismar, is a man on a mission. He's after two brothers who have left a trail of bodies in...
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Dragon's Gold
Three publishers step from behind the desk and work together to bring you a very special, hot, and sexy shifter anthology. "A Shot at Love" (Gina Kincade, Naughty Nights Press) Jay, an eagle shifter, thinks he's doing the righ...
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Shifting Gears (AIDP Anthology)
1974: Peace, love, sex, drugs -- and murder -- at Commune in the heart of West Virginia. Hope knew she should have killed Jesse the night he used her as his marker in a poker game with Spike. When Spike won that marker, he stole Hope's he...
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The Marker
In a black market society where medical miracles are for sale to the highest bidder, a death sentence is far too wasteful. Why settle for just one replacement body part, when you can own the whole thing? When Dr. Ruth Balise ran out of fundin...
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Spaceport: Backup Plan
Last Chance, Alaska. State Park, Wildlife preserve, small town. Population: 1479 humans. And there's the rest of us. Some of us were born here. Some came by choice. Some had nowhere left to run. Town hall, three bars, a clinic, and a roomi...
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Foxy: Fandango

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