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Shereen Vedam

I write heartwarming historical romances that have a healthy dollop of mystery with a pinch of magic.

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Who needs a prince, when you've got a huntsman? Nevara Wood is desperate to change her life. Plagued by shifting sight, which skews her normal vision and shows her disturbing visions, she's always felt odd and unlovable. And she greatly wa...
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A Perfect Curse
He’s not exactly Prince Charming . . . Fire shifter Daniel Trenton has only nightmarish memories of his mysterious past. As an orphan, raised on the streets, he does not have much in the way of prospects, but he is fine with that . . . until...
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A Scorching Dilemma
Beauty awoke, and then the troubles began... Since dealing with the death of her sister, and her abandonment by Sir Phillip Jones—the man who professed to love her—Lady Roselyn Ravenstock has lived as if sleepwalking. Mired in grief, s...
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A Devilish Slumber
A tale as old as time... Lady Annabelle Marchant was a belle of the ball in London until she used her psychical senses to save a man’s life. She failed miserably, leaving him dead and her disgraced. All she wants now is a chance to comfort h...
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A Beastly Scandal
The battle against magic is easily won, but not even magic can truly control love... To Kord, witches are a necessary evil. They cast charms for good weather and crops, but otherwise they're best avoided. But when Kord succumbs to a love s...
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The Misspelled Charm
In 1813, London, England, a timid sculptor wants to complete the commission to sculpt a replica of a soldier slain in the Peninsular war for a museum exhibition, but the man's grieving brother gives her a severe set down, not realizing he's s...
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To Capture Love
Samara is furious when her father, the Sorcerer King, advocates a boy from a foreign kingdom as his successor simply because three witches foretold the event. Then the king asks her to escort the child safely back to his realm. If that were not bad e...
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Daughter of the Sorcerer King
As a loving daughter, Elena had agreed to marry the son of her father's enemy to bring peace to their two lands. However, a year later, due to a misguided liaison with a traveling minstrel, she is no longer the promised virgin. When the neighbori...
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Baron of Dragon's Reach

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