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“Born a Buckeye, I was uprooted in 1971 and replanted amongst sunflowers, tornadoes, and college football. It’s a good life.” ~ Sheri L. McGathy
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Within the Shadow of Stone is a journey through legend and myth to the time of the ancient standing stones—to a world where warriors are bound to the stone and the Shroud Born walks within the mist. Bree of Clan Dunstan, and her people, ...
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Within the Shadow of Stone (2nd Edition)

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Ghostly Tales
Promises...Shay, a Blade Whisperer, has made a promise. A promise she is determined to keep, no matter the consequences or the pain that promise might cause. She has searched long, following the countless whispers of forgotten blades, until one qu...
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Award-winning fantasy authors Shannah Biondine and Sheri L. McGathy team up again, delivering twice the mystical adventure in this enthralling duet, Twice Upon an Eventide. Here are faraway worlds of danger and intrigue, where dark mirrors hold stran...
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Twice Upon an Eventide
Four timeless tales from Sheri L. McGathy, together in one collection: ~ THE BIRTH OF SPRING~ (Dream Realm Winner/Lories Finalist) When the Winter King stays the wheel, refusing to allow the season to turn, the Summer Queen has no choice ...
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