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Sheri Lewis Wohl lives with her husband, two big dogs, and one little stray cat, in Northeast Washington State.  She loves romance and things that go bump in the night -- hence her fondness for writing paranormal romance! 

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Erotic visions are nothing new for hunter, Cat. But when the visions are of her lover and Dracula, Cat and fellow hunter, Dambray, jump the next plane to Romania. Will Cat be in time or will Dambray’s secret destroy them all?
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Blood Secrets
Grigory Rasputin has waited nearly one hundred years imprisoned beneath the frigid waters of the Pacific Ocean. Now he's returned -- horny, pissed, and determined to reclaim that which had been stolen from him. He indulges every fantasy while he plot...
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In a small town nestled among mountains and pine trees, the line between the past and the present begins to blur. Over three hundred years later and thousands of miles from the barren gallows hill of Salems Village, accused witch Martha Corey and mag...
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As they said in the movies: the bitch is back! When the sixteenth century, blood bathing psychopath, Elizabeth Bathory, makes her triumphant return to the 21st century, it is a trio of hunters from the ancient order of Anima Mundi who must stop her. ...
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