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Sherrel Lee lives in Texas, is the wrangler of a fearsome 8 pound Yorkie-poo named Rogue Little Woof, and a ginormous 20 pound cat called Grandpa. As a mother and grandmother she encourages her family to live life on their own terms, laugh as often as they can and find those things in their lives that fill their hearts with joy.  She loves travel, has sailed down the Amazon in Brazil, refused to let her fear of heights stop her from climbing the Mayan pyramid at Chichen Itza, gone parasailing over the Caribbean after watching her fellow adventurer drop into the sea and be dragged under the water. She dreams of living at water's edge and is fulfilling that desire with a home along a canal north of Galveston, Texas. Fascinated with the real and mystical worlds of the Paranormal and Erotic Romantic Suspense she chases murderous villains through the pages of her books, killing off those who annoy her and make her insanely angry. 

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Violent visions, murdered women, and the hunt for a killer… Detective Dae Kelly refuses to believe visions and shape-shifters are real, even when she sees the crimes occur in her dreams. Night Guardian, Leopold Cheveyo, a Watercreek Tribal ...
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Night Visions
Danger, Destruction, and Sizzling Desire Westmoreland, Meeks, and  Brant is changing and is now Storm Security,   Dani Brant, Aiden Westmoreland and Raylan Meeks, the  company's owners and  ménage wants to grow ...
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Desire  has no boundaries.   Learning dark secrets about a local shelter for runaways, Dani Brandt and Aiden Westmoreland go undercover at a newly established BDSM club, searching for lost children that are being sold to tra...
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Dangerous Desires

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The Sisterhood
Deadly Bequest, Book 1 - A Sizzling Romantic Suspense Tale of Deceit, Suspicion, Murder and Discovery   Dani Brandt’s uncle dies, leaving her his estate. Dani hires Raylan Meeks, and Aiden Westmoreland to investigate her uncle'...
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Deadly Bequest

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