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Born and raised in Southern Indiana, this Hoosier transplanted herself to the Windy City after graduate school. My passion is teaching, with writing come a close second and gaining momentum. I currently teach at the College of DuPage (part-time faculty, hoping for a full-time gig soon!). I was promoted to third-degree black belt in hapkido fall 2012 and am affliated with the US Hapkido Federation.

I'm currently working on a vampire novel, along with various short stories, novellas and even the next great American sci-fi novel. (Modest I'm not LOL.) I currently have three short stories published through XoXo Publishing, as well as a novella to be published through them as well sometime this year. Please check out the Published Works page on my website for more information and links to order!

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Current Releases
After attempting a long-distance relationship, Kyle and Sam realize they don’t want to be with anyone else and decide to take the next step. But living together brings more challenges than they had anticipated. After a summer back at the far...
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Two Red Leaves

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A Wolf's Bane
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Kyle Jackowski, typical sullen emo teen, struggles to find a way to deal with his sexuality and finds himself in trouble with the law… again. But instead of being sent to a juvenile detention center like he expected, he is given a chance to...
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Last of the Summer Tomatoes
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Sequel to "The Ritual"; short-story in this anthology. "Truth & Lies After the Ritual" - The ritual successful, Anca finds herself in a new world that she doesn't understand. Will her life end up like so many queens...
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Evernight Volume 2
Michealia’s life is boringly normal and lonely, the only escape are her romance novels and movies. One stormy night she makes one wish, a wish from her heart that is heard and granted. When she wakes, she finds herself on a wild ride for the...
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Twenty-Four Hours
Short story included in this anthology. "The Ritual" - Anca is given the opportunity to save her race but an ancient ritual must be performed first. Will she have the strength and will of heart to go through with it and mate with a ...
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Evernight, Romance in a World of Darkness

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