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When Sky Eyes learns she is white, her world is turned upside down. She is no longer welcomed in the Indian village where she was raised. Instead, her white uncle has found her and she must live in the white world as Kathryn Clay. When the facts surr...
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Sky Eyes
When Lissa Adams flew to Chicago to be with her father, she never thought she’d become involved in a vendetta between a Mob family, the Chicago police force, and her cousin, Detective Paul Bastion. Paul Bastion was in seclusion until his unc...
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Blood Relatives
Luella joined the military to get away from home. Almost fifty years later, she is faced with the loss of the husband she met while serving her country. Alone for the first time since their marriage, she decides to take a road trip and finds hersel...
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Never Too Late For Love
Morning Star has lost the man who was to be her husband. Destined to live a loveless life she devotes herself to the visions given her by the Great Spirit and her skill as a healer. When Lone Eagle comes into her life, everything changes. Even though...
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VISION WOMAN [Double M Book1]
When Rhonda is called to investigate the murder of Pete Potter, she finds she has more suspects than she knows what to do with. Classmates either Love – Hate – Or Don’t Give a Damn about good old Pete. To confuse things furt...
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Reunion for a Murder
Jeni Barrett thought singing in her high school’s production of Annie Get Your Gun was the best thing to happen to her until she met Mitch. Mitchell Dallman knew Jeni Barrett would be the perfect singing partner for pop star, Tony LaMon...
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Jake Franks likes his position as Chief of Police in a small town until someone finds a man’s naked body floating in Storrs Lake. With a murder to investigate, he hardly knows where to start, but having to deal with the county sheriff&rsq...
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The Man in the Lake
UMBA THE SECRETS TRILOGY Book 3 by Sherry Derr-Wille Leonore Hayes, Leo to her friends, only wants to be allowed to work on an archaeological dig, but being a woman, the headman at UMBA won’t allow her to use the skills she ...
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The Secrets Trilogy ROUND TREE Anthropology professor, Jaicee Grant, needs to trade academics for hands on research. When she arrives at Round Tree, she finds more than she bargained for. Not only does the flesh and blood archaeologist, Evan ...
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Round Tree
SAYO By Sherry Derr-Wille In a time before written history, a young priest, SAYO, learned the fate of his people. Could he do anything to stop it? He prayed he could, but the wheels of fate were in motion. As an orphan, NOYA becam...
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Mistaken Identity by Sherry Derr~WiLLE   Katelyn Devereaux needs a vacation. More than a vacation she needs to put Denver behind her as well as the man who wants her as his wife and the birth family who is insisting on finding her. A seclude...
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Mistaken Identity
RX LOVE BY SHERRY DERR~WILLE Dave Lowrey needs a miracle so that his son can walk again. When he finds it at a San Francisco hospital, he realizes he must contend with a woman he dated in college and dumped, to get it. All come to fruition when he...
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RX Love

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