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Sherry Silver writes humorous contemporary and historical romantic suspense and mysteries. She is a former Chief Election Official, E.R. Communications Coordinator, Cardiac Monitor Watcher, Emergency Medical Technician, Health Unit Coordinator, Vital Statistics Registrar, Notary Public, Home Daycare Provider, Health Insurance Claims Analyst, File Clerk, Substitute Teacher, Kelly Girl, Sales Associate and Stenographer. Sherry still doesn't know what she wants to be when she grows up. For now, she enjoys being a homemaker. In between loads of laundry, she cooks up delicious new plots. She will be releasing seven full length novels this year plus three short stories.

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  Blurb             Sacrificing her heart…for her country "She never thought she would have to sacrifice this much for her country… In 1945, a beautiful und...
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Thousand Dollar Pharaoh
Have a tall drink of water handy to put out the fire when you read Fully Involved Fire, a poignant story of the after effects of September 11th. Johnny Newman is one of New York City’s finest; the Fire Department's most eligible bac...
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Fully Involved Fire
Meet the Payne Siblings: Sweet Working Class Oh-Donna, who never really fit in; Beautiful Socialite Tammy, who never really liked Oh-Donna; and Pompous Judge Perry, always scheming for money. Following a bad car accident, Oh-Donna has narcole...
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The Master Manipulator
Rushing to circumvent another family crisis, Donna Payne's SUV meets the business end of a deer. Now when she closes her eyes, she is pulled into an exciting dreamland far away from her peon job, bickering parents and selfish siblings; where m...
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The Immaculate Deception
By day, Sandra plucks trash off Cocoa Beach, points tourists to the restrooms and sometimes discovers dead bodies. By night, she’s a cozy mystery author wannabe. Sandra has an aversion to cops, one homicide detective in particular. They have...
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