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Sierra Rose

Sierra Rose is an author from rural Ohio where she was born, raised, and still lives with her family.

She began writing at an early age with a reader's love for many genres. As an avid reader she enjoys action books as well as romantic suspense and the paranormal. As a writer, she writes in the action/men's adventure genre as well as the paranormal romantic suspense.

Ms. Rose currently has two main series books in print and as ebooks. Her Celtic Evil series has the first two out of five books out about the Fitzgerald brothers of Fitzgaren, Ireland. This is a romantic suspense with the paranormal thrown in.

She also writes S.E.A.L. Team Omega, an action series featuring a not so usual team of Navy Seals.

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Current Releases
When the daughter of a U.S. Senator is found murdered in her hotel room along with an apparently drunk and unconscious Commander Ethan Tremayne holding the murder weapon it appears an air-tight case against. Jailed for a crime he can’t ...
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S.E.A.L. Team Omega: Treacherous Alliances
The second in the five part Celtic Evil series: Ian Fitzgerald’s entire life is a lie. At eighteen, he’s attending University, has a loving foster family and dreams of becoming an actor. This fantastically normal life comes to a s...
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Celtic Evil: A Fitgerald Brother Novel: Ian
A short holiday story featuring the Fitzgerald brothers as they enjoy their first holiday after being reunited. A humorous look into their lives, snow ball fight and all.  Set between the first two books. ...
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Celtic Evil: The Fitzgerald Brothers: A Celtic Christmas
  Tiger Force, a team of U.S. sanctioned secret warriors, tasked with protecting the world from those who would destroy it! When a piece of the past comes back to haunt a member of Tiger Force and he chooses to deal with it on his ow...
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Sins of the Past
BETRAYAL! When a raid on a ship suspected of carrying uranium goes bad, S.E.A.L. Team Omega and its leader Commander Ethan Tremayne are left for dead. Written off by Navy Intelligence, it’s now up to Commander Cassidy Marshall and...
Available Now!
S.E.A.L. Team Omega: Flames of Betrayal
Book 1 in a 5 part paranormal/romantic suspense series about the Fitzgerald Brothers of Ireland. Once world famous young singers, the Fitzgerald brothers had it all until an evil Warlock killed parents & tore them apart. Now, 15 year...
Available Now!
Celtic Evil: A Fitzgerald Brother Novel: Roarke

Available Now!
Diablo's Return

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