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The sequel toFinn’s Redemption Sully loves her, but Libby isn’t meant for him. It doesn’t matter how much he longs to touch her, how much he needs to be inside her—Fate has decided Libby belongs with Sully’s broth...
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Sully’s Sweet Salvation
With luscious curves and a desire to dominate, Stacey Stanton is a masterful Domina with her own pleasure room at a local club. It took three long years for her to become comfortable in her own skin, let alone with her need to Domme, and her silen...
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Binding Ben
Nadia Fleming has always had a bit of a “thing” for her neighbor, Alex Johnson, even though she knows they couldn’t be more wrong for each other. Alex is a professor of romantic literature at the local college, while Nadia barely...
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Educating Nadia
Set in the same world as Longfellow Seduced.   Ariana Longfellow, a Historian charged with recording the narratives of the various supernatural species that inhabit the world, retreats to a sunny Australian beach for a summer holiday....
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Longfellows Lovers
Daniel Ellis works hard and plays harder—and he’s not picky about his playmates. That is until his best friend’s “baby brother” Matthew catches his eye. Matthew’s drawn to Daniel like a moth to a flame—but...
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Daniel’s Surrender
  Molly’s tired of waiting for her boss to notice her. During a weekly teleconference, she makes her move, stripping down where only Gabriel can see and touching herself until he’s more than a little hot under the collar. ...
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Conference with the Boss
Alli Downing can’t get over Finn Donovan. Fifteen years after he seduced her then broke her heart, she still comes with his name on her lips, every time she touches herself. Now he’s back in town, claiming her necklace is one of three ...
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Finn’s Redemption
Corporate Affairs, Book Two   Tony Renatto has worked five long years to make himself worthy of the beautiful, untouchable Meredith Worthington. He knows the truth—beneath her icy demeanor hides a fiery woman who deserves love. ...
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Meredith's Awaking

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