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Simone Sinna is the pseudonym of an established nonfiction writer - and one who will publish her first psychological thriller in Feb 2015 (Medea's Curse). In her erotic fiction she writes about what she likes to do in her spare time. Travel … Adventure travel.

In her Stephanie Beauman trilogy travel from Australia to Argentina in Embedded, across France and Spain on the Camino de Santiago in Expose and around the world on the Grand Prix circuit in Exclusive.

The Were-Devil's of Tasmania series: Were-Devils' Curse, Were-Devils' Revenge and The Ghosts' Return. Final, The Ghosts' Release.

The Breaker books (all individual but BDSM, MFM): Icebreaker, Ballbreaker and more coming...

In the interests of research, she has tried many of the things that her favorite character, journalist Stephanie Beauman, has done. Travel gives her the chance to be someone else, and she takes full advantage of it.

She travels a lot...currently around the world with her husband's book tour. Maybe her own next year...

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Current Releases
  Heartbreaker After her mother dies, Savannah James travels to the USA to search for the father she has never met, the only clues in a box her mother left her. But someone wants to stop her and is prepared to go to extreme lengths.  ...
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Samantha Coulton hates her job. She loves father, who she can’t say no to, but unfortunately he is also her boss and relies on her to be the ballbreaker in his hardest assignments. She is the only one that is likely to be able to broker a deal ...
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?? Sienna Martin has been training as a private investigator and needs a job, so when her friend Elle has a task in the snowfields, all expenses paid by DJ, the resort owner, what’s not to like? Checking out Steve Prescott and his new ni...
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Despite her home at Tarrabah being in ashes after an attack by ghost destroyers, Misty Mortimer goes with her instinct to trust ghost brothers Damon and Kadar Karlssen, finding their attraction is mutually hypnotic. But the brothers are trying to ...
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The Ghosts' Release
Lena Magnussen is unhappily lost in a romance novel on a charter boat when fate intervenes in the form of two hot men, Lincoln and Kael Tremain. Only problem is she is a ghost vampire and they are the enemy, were-devils. The men know who she i...
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The Ghosts' Return

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Were-Devils' Revenge
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Jarrod and Jesse are extraordinary men even before Becc discovers their secret. Working with their father to try to save the Tasmanian Devil from extinction in the remote wilds of Tasmania, Australia, Becc find she is instantly attracted to them b...
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Were-Devils' Curse
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third and final of the Stephanie Beauman series (following Embedded and Expose) investigative journalist Stephanie Beauman takes an undercover job helping dangerously attractive Jeffrey Caroway make a documentary on the glamorous International Gra...
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Second of three in the Stephanie Beauman series, Exposé takes investigative journalist Stephanie from New York where she is recovering from the end of her affair with Gabriel, undercover again, this time on a film set across France and Spai...
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Between the Sheets
Erotic Short Stories - winner and short listed from Strongybark Erotic Fiction competition
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Heat Wave of '76
For Women who like to be watched ... and the men who like to watch them...   New York journalist Stephanie Beauman goes undercover in Sydney Australia to investigate a corrupt business deal, taking a job as hostess for enigmatic busin...
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