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I'm the author of more than 30 fiction and nonfiction books, and my stories have been published in numerous anthologies internationally. My first novel Hidden Agenda won the "Kiss of Death" award for best book of romantic suspense. The Discovery Channel filmed me for the TV special "Secret Stonehenge."

Mostly I write about magic, murder, and sex.  I especially enjoy writing mysteries and romantic suspense fiction, and cofounded the mystery publishing company Level Best Books. Many of my nonfiction books cover metaphyiscal, new age, and holistic healing subjects. Under the pen name Amber Austin I also write erotic romance.

I live in Massachusetts in the summer and Texas in the winter. I hope you'll visit my website and blog,

Current Releases
  Two Tales of Murder, Suspense, Betrayal, and Astrology––Set in Boston Hidden in Plain Sight: Art forger Sebastian Avery never learned which toes to step on and which to dance around. This time the “bad boy&r...
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Deadly Duos, Vol. 1
Mermaids have been a part of folklore for centuries. But where do the lovely creatures of the sea come from, and how have they captured the imaginations of people around the world? In this beautifully illustrated collection, you'll explore the...
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A unique blend of sex magic and the Law of Attraction, this easy-to-use and practical book shows you how to use sexual energy to attract prosperity, good health, and happiness. From intensifying passion to achieving career success, this comprehens...
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Sex Magic for Beginners
If you've always wanted to reap the benefits of meditation but were concerned that it is too hard, takes too much time, or requires complicated esoteric rituals, The Best Mediations on the Planet will get you meditating––and experi...
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The Best Meditations on the Planet
When a triple murder with occult overtones takes place in a small North Carolina town, a prominent businessman who believes his brother may be in danger hires an astrologer-sleuth to solve the crime. In the wake of the killings, fear and suspicion...
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Hidden Agenda

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