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Sonja Herbert

Sonja's unusual life began in post World War II Germany, in a traveling circus. As a child, Sonja developed a strong faith in Christ, which eventually brought her away from the carnival circuit and into a church.

When Sonja was young, she decided to one day write her mother's story, the story of a half-Jewish young woman who survived the Nazis.

It took her many years, until after she immigrated to the United States, got married, divorced and re-married and raised most of her six children, before she made that promise come true.

She is the author of Cross and Carnival, a memoir about her search for God while growing up in a traveling carnival in post-WWII Germany. The book will be published August 2012 by Cedar Fort Publishing.

Sonja also wrote Tightrope!, an award winning, as yet unpublished novel about her mother surviving the Holocaust in Germany in a circus.

Sonja has also published many other true stories about her life. After 35 years in the USA, Sonja presently lives in Germany, where she is doing research and getting re-acquainted with her mother and siblings. You can find links to her stories on her website.

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