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After 20 years as a freelance photojournalist sailing around the South Pacific, I moved to Australia with my two children in 2000 and turned my pen from fact to fiction. The result was my first novel published in 2005, The Rhesus Factor.


The novel won a Draco Award and alarmed an Australian MP sufficiently to cite it in Parliament. Within weeks, I also received an offer too good to pass up: to write a novel based on the television series, Stargate SG-1.


Over the next three year I went on to write five Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis novels, one of which was a finalist in the international Scribe Awards.  I also taught worldbuilding for games and novels.


In 2008, after finishing my eighth novel, Stargate SG-1 Blood Ties, with Elizabeth Christensen,  I purchased a five-acre property in the foothills of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Just as the global economy collapsed, I moved here with my son (my daughter is now an environmental scientist).


Between building fences, midwifing lambs, and growing vegies, I wrote my nine novel, The Bone Menagerie.  I'd almost finished when the first earthquake struck Christchurch in 2010.  No sooner had we cleaned up after that than the February 2011 earthquake struck, this time catastrophically. My beautiful adopted city had been destroyed.  As Christchurch began to rebuild, the local council contracted to undertake the same kind of research I use to teach and write novels - Worldbuilding #101, except this is the real world, not make believe.


Late last year, Musa asked if I would be interested in revamping my first novel, The Rhesus Factor. It was great to revisit this story with skills honed while writing the subsequent eight books. More interesting was how little I had to change to make it contemporary. I hope you enjoy.


PS, I know the photo is not the usual mug shot, but I'm sure most of you would prefer to see some New Zealand scenery, in this instance an ice cave on Fox Glacier, than my well-deserved wrinkles!

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The Rhesus Factor

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Bone Menagerie

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