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I live among the rolling, green hills of Kentucky.  I am the happy wife of a sweet, sexy man and the mother of two precious girls.  I enjoy time with my large family, cooking and sports.  I work full time as a software developer but writing is my passion and a joy for me.  I love to give readers a story to escape into after a long day. 

And my husband loves providing research material...

I have published paranormal, BDSM and science fiction genres and I have many more books in my head just waiting to break free!

Review for Kentucky Hunger by Joyfully Reviewed:
"I hope Ms. Danu writes more in her world of vampires because I loved Kentucky Hunger and I am Joyfully Recommending it!"

Review for The Cotillion from TwoLips Reviews:
"Whoo-whee – The Cotillion is hot!!! I loved this futuristic book by Sophia Danu!"

Review for Keeley's Curse from Sensual Reads and Reviews:
"Keeley's Curse is an irresistible, enchanting book. Sophia Danu has a talent for making the unbelievable believable. The world she creates within this story merges perfectly with the modern world. The characters are vibrant and endearing. The plot is a journey full of surprises and twists. This story is sensual and exhilarating."

Review of Mystic Roots by JERR:
"Wow, yum, and howl.  Sophia Danu has created an intense winner with this story!"
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Sophia Danu Mar 30, 2008

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A Note From Sophia Danu

Hi!  Thanks for checking out my author page!  I'm so glad you are here!  I hope you find something interesting here!  Hugs and kisses!
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Current Releases
In the year 2705, the ratio of females to males was at such a deficit on the planetary stations that the Galactic      Administration passed a law rendering it illegal for a woman of age to be unmated.  This law led to a...
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The Cotillion
Alana is a hard-working Kentucky girl with a few unusual gifts.  Her telepathic talent has left her highly cynical and without a boyfriend – by choice.  That changes when she meets a man that makes her blood run hot, but he’s no...
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Kentucky Hunger
Brooke is kidnapped while on her daily jog. Her fear soon turns into ecstasy as she finds herself enjoying her kidnapper's attentions...
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Forbidden Desire
What if you learned that you are descended from a long line of magically gifted females who have been plagued by a demon curse? What if you learned of prophesy that tells of a strong sorceress mated to a wolf that will defeat the demon? What if you l...
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Keeley's Curse
Alyssa is caught up in the routine of her busy life. As a business owner, she should be content but there is a void that she can’t seem to satisfy. Suddenly, the routine is interrupted with the death notice of a grandmother she never knew. Feel...
Available Now!
Mystic Roots

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