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I'm a full-time author, mother and wife. Please note wife was last;) I have a bad habit of letting my family fend for themselves where clean laundry and dinners are concerned. I get lost in my own worlds of creating yummy characters:)

If you'd like to chat about books, you can contact me by e-mailing

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If you like hot guys with a softer side, you'll love these books! Sexy love scenes, realistic characters with a happily ever after...what more could a reader ask for:)
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Current Releases
So what if Gabrielle Dayton is a twenty-six year old virgin? Sleeping with a guy just for the sake of having sex never appealed to her...until sexy carpenter Luke Delaney shows up on her doorstep. Just the way he handles his tools awakens her deepest...
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Bedroom Behavior 101
Overweight, overworked and undersexed, Sara Delaney loves her job as an E.R. nurse but fears her life has become a monotonous series of shift rotations with a little sleep in between and even less of a social life. That is until former high school jo...
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Bedside Manner
To get to the truth, you have to strip away all the layers. FBI agent Eve Morgan will stop at nothing to find her father’s killer and avenge his death, even posing as a stripper and getting suspended from her job. Her plans are blown all to he...
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Naked Vengeance
Two strangers find something they had no idea they were looking for. To clear her head and possibly figure out her life’s path, Chloe Adkins sets out on a road trip. A summer storm forces an unplanned stop, and she is suddenly side-tracked by ...
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A Stranger's Bed

A Peek Into the Life of Sophia Rae

A Stranger's Bed - Book 1 of Delaney Series

A Stranger's Bed - Book 1 of Delaney Series
Bedside Manner - Book 2 of Delaney Series

Bedside Manner - Book 2 of Delaney Series
Bedroom Behavior 101 - Book 3 of Delaney Series

Bedroom Behavior 101 - Book 3 of Delaney Series
Naked Vengeance - romantic suspense

Naked Vengeance - romantic suspense

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