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Stacey A. Rowcliffe

A small town girl with big city style. Stacey grew up in Huntley only a few miles outside of Billings, Montana. She has two children - Ryan and Brittney who are her best work here on this earth. Adversity has been a part of her life BUT it will NEVER shape her world. 
"We choose how we respond to events in our life!" Attitude is everything. 

Stacey wrote "Female Fusion" with one purpose; to help others see the positive in every experience, no matter how adverse it is. "You are NEVER alone in this battle. I hope you choose to read the inspirational stories in my book and they encourage you to keep fighting the good fight!" Many thanks to all those featured in this book, your sharing will generate positive ripples of hope, faith and love to others facing adversity. 

May your lives continue to be blessed. HUGS to ALL!

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  Female Fusion contains inspirational REAL stories about REAL females from a variety of generations, cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds.  All of these females faced adversity and made the choice to grow from it, making the world...
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Female Fusion

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