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Stacey T. Hunt is a life-long Canadian whose love of sci-fi and fantasy, videogames, reading, and techno music played heavily on her writing of the smash hit young adult books: The Cascade Adventures Saga.

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Current Releases
Stacey T. Hunt's "The Prophecy" is the thrilling prequel to the bestselling series Cascade Adventures, and takes place eight years before Kale, Elison, and Tyson rise to protect the planet from a wave of insidious threats.  ...
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The Cascade Adventures Prequel: The Prophecy
Meldrick, the Master of Death, has gathered to him four crowns - the means by which he will be able to rule the world as the lands each crown belongs to slowly falls into darkness without its power source. All he lacks is the destruction of the le...
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Cascade Adventures: The Adventure Begins

A Peek Into the Life of Stacey T. Hunt

My Greatest Fear

My Greatest Fear
I Love playing video games! Kingdom Hearts is my favorite!

I Love playing video games! Kingdom Hearts is my favorite!
I play the piano:)

I play the piano:)
I love to read!

I love to read!

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