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Your dedicated, onetime, would-be Commie-killer, at your service! Quit college, mothballed my precious Snap-On tools, bade the affable motorcycle dealer, my erstwhile employer, a fond farewell, and took off for Pensacola to cast my lot with Naval Aviation. Saw a nice chunk of the world with the Navy's Hurricane Hunters and the Military Air Transport Service. Never zapped a Commie, but sniffed strong spoor during the Cuban Crisis and in the ever-fragrant Congo.

After that, the pesky last year of college, graduate school, a tad of corporate strife in New York, and a Big Apple bailout about half an hour before my liver morphed into a bookend. Now my battered skidlid hangs by the banks of the Chattahoochee, where I indulge the tendency to overrev my vintage VFR Honda, sail now and then, shoot a rapid or two and generally operate at the limit of public tolerance.
That said, I'm inviting you to join me in the Jack Mason Saga. You'll be in for the ride of your life... and of Jack's!
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I hope that you'll visit my website,, and subscribe to my monthly newsletter. In return, I'll pass along background information on the Jack Mason Saga that'll be available nowhere else. I promise that you'll be entertained ifyou do!
Current Releases
The Quintessence of Quick continues the Saga of Jack Mason, which began with 2002’s The Rough English Equivalent. The saga unfolds from 1946, but its beginning is in the year 4231. Jack, age 2285, is truly bored. Earth’s population is les...
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The Quintessence of Quick
What we have here is a bordering-on-black comedy set in post-World War II Bisque, Georgia, hard by the Savannah River Project plutonium plant. The Rough English Equivalent spans a decade in the lives of Serena, the striking, sensual, estranged wife o...
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The Rough English Equivalent

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