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Gay male romance. Simon and Hank are two men recovering from loss and betrayal when they meet in a mountain-climber’s hut on the slopes of the Matterhorn. An instant attraction leads to a brief, wild, and unexpected time together that evening, but ea...
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Lying Into the Future
Gay male romance. How much can twenty-four hours change men’s lives? When promiscuous party boy, Roger, and his seriously committed monogamous partner, David, arrive on the Island of Madai for a holiday it’s make or break. Roger is tired of a partner...
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Turtle Airways Special
When Terry and Luke meet at a remote mineral exploration camp in Malaysia they know there is an attraction, but a remote camp is not the place to have a relationship. When they are both in Kuala Lumpur though, and have only a short time before they m...
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Moving On
Tim’s partner, Nick, left him with their dream home and the “kids”—their four dogs. Now, after more than a year of long hours training staff in their franchised dog grooming business, and living alone, perhaps Tim is ready to take a chance. And perha...
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Two Chances
U.S. diplomat Chet Bender saves young Nabil Shabili in an extraction from Palestinian refugee camps inside Lebanon in the shadow of an impending Israeli attack leading to a massacre in the camps. He subsequently accepts Nabil into his life, bed, and ...
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The Velvet Interrogation

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