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I am a lifelong resident of North Carolina and have authored or edited 9 books. My love of fly fishing formed the background of two of my latest books, Lessons from the Creek and Reflections from the Creek.  Both are fiction books, with some nonfiction/metaphysical layered in them.

Besides fly fishing enjoy playing golf, even though I am very, very bad at it.

I have several nonfiction books, along with the two fiction books I mentioned, which are currently being sold on Amazon.

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Current Releases

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Reflections from the Creek

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The Book of Daniel

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The North Carolina Slave Narratives Vol. I
When Steve decided to take a fly fishing trip to the southern Appalachians, he thought it would be like many such trips he had taken. He'd catch a few fish and enjoy the beauty of his surroundings. That all changed whrn he met an enigmatic fly...
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Lessons from the Creek

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