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Steve Bargdill

Steve Bargdill writes snobbish literary stuff with the occasional foray into speculative fiction. Originally from Ohio, he has lived in Dayton, Columbus, Troy, St. Marys, and New Knoxville as well as West Branch Iowa, Lincoln Nebraska, Munice Indiana, and currently lives in Laramie Wyoming with wife and two children. Since 1998, Steve has worked in the pizza industry. However, he has also worked as a day laborer, a truck driver, and a beat reporter for a couple of newspapers. He has worked at grocery stores, gas stations, and convenient stores. As a teenager, his dad forced him to stack lumber, which built character. In December 2012, he earned his bachelor's in English with an emphasis in creative writing from teh University of Iowa. He's been working towards a certification in secondary education at the University of Wyoming. He hopes to begin graduate school in fall 2013.

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