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Steve Sagarra is a freelance writer, journalist and historian from St. Louis, MO. With degrees in history from the University of Missouri, he has contributed to several encyclopedic projects, scholarly journals and websites, including the St. Louis Virtual City Project, Encyclopedia of World History, Encyclopedia of U.S. Indian Policy and Law and Encyclopedia of the Industrial Revolution in World History. As a former opinion columnist/editorial writer for a community newspaper, he has written on topics ranging from socio-economic issues, local and national politics and international relations, and also has reported on the political scene throughout the St. Louis region. Additionally, his short story fiction and poetry has appeared in various online and print magazines, including Sacred Twilight Magazine, The Storyteller, The Stray Branch, Midwest Literary Magazine and Sci Phi Journal. Over the years, he has held a colorful variety of jobs – dishwasher, delivery driver, substitute teacher, archeology technician and bartender. In his spare time, he enjoys watching movies, sporting events, the company of his dogs and playing golf.

Current Releases

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Salvation's Tapestry
Prohibition. Depression. War. On the anniversary of his honorary knighthood for contributions to the field of science and medicine, here now, for the first time in print, is the exclusive memoir of Sir Aloyius T. Periwinkle! From the turn of the cent...
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Sir Aloyius T. Periwinkle's Mortalia Adventurarium
Detective Allyson Haggerty is on the trail of a serial killer, whose murder scenes evoke both private anguish and zealot wrath. Perhaps, they are even otherworldly – a prospect that the cynically hardened Haggerty does not want to believe. Duri...
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Judgment Bound
Friendship, love, regret, history, many lives does it take to save just one? This is the question underlying Echoes From An Unexamined Life, a general reflection and personal journey examining the importance of family relations and h...
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Echoes From An Unexamined Life

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