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I write to entertain.  I read sci-fi and thrillers, so I write sci-fi and thrillers.  Although I am now a full-time writer, I had previous careers in physics teaching and research.  In addition to eight novels and one short story collection, I review books for Bookpleasures and have an active blog where the posts are comprised of op-ed articles, reviews, interviews, and short stories.

I now live in the Northeast but I arrived here starting in California and pausing for many years in South America.  Beyond writing, my interests include physics, mathematics, forensics, robotics, computers, genetics, and scientific ethics.

For more information, please visit my website. 

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A Note From Steven M Moore

Reviewers:  If you would like to review ANY of my eBooks, please send me an e-mail requesting a gift copy for your Amazon Kindle.  Many of them are also available for other eBook readers.  I only require that your review be more than an "Attaboy!" or "This book sucks!", i.e. the reader of the review should know why you think that way.

Readers and Writers:  I'm also active in the FaceBook and eFiction communities, but you can just correspond with me directly.  See the "Join the Conversation" page on my website.

Current Releases
The apocalypse kills billions—numbers so large that most survivors’ minds snap shut. Foes of the US have attacked with a bioengineered contagion that spreads around the world. One of only a few survivors, Penny Castro, ex-USN diver and LA...
Available Now!
The Last Humans
If you liked The Midas Bomb and Angels Need Not Apply, you will enjoy these other cases about NYPD detectives Chen and Castilblanco.  Please see the Amazon book page for more information.
Available Now!
Pop Two Antacids and Have Some Java
The sequel to Survivors of the Chaos.  The New Haven colonists make first contact.  The Sanctuary colonists fight off alien invaders.  A star cluster/compound intelligence is saved by a planetary one.  Please see the book's...
Available Now!
Sing a Samba Galactica
NYPD detectives Chen and Castilblanco take on terrorists, a Mexican cartel, and militia members in this sequel to The Midas Bomb.  Please see the Amazon author page for more information.
Available Now!
Angels Need Not Apply

Available Now!
Evil Agenda
Humanity passes through the social singularity called The Chaos:  a Midwesterner fights for survival in a chaotic New York City; a native American astrophysicst struggles to preserve alien remains on a moon of Saturn; and a mob enforcer stows...
Available Now!
Survivors of the Chaos
The first book in the "Clones and Mutants Series":  a government conspiracy designed to extend the lives of VIPs is discovered and a small group of heroes thwarts the plan.  For more info, please see the book's Amazon page....
Available Now!
Full Medical
Meet Mr. Paws.  This cat that can help you with your calculus homework is part of the mystery solved by Shashibala Garcia and friends on the International Space Station.  For more information, see my website or the book's Amazon page...
Available Now!
The Secret Lab
The first book in the "Detectives Chen and Castiblanco Series":  Two NYPD detectives thwart a hedge fund CEO's sponsorship of al Qaeda terrorist plots.  For more information, please see the book's Amazon page or my webs...
Available Now!
The Midas Bomb
A student of Arab descent is murdered in the nation's capital.  An FBI agent endeavors to find her murderer as a priest helps her thwart a plan by religious fanatics.  For more information, please see the book's Amazon page or my...
Available Now!
Soldiers of God

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