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Dubbed Pussywillow by her men, Willow is a single, independent Femdomme who takes wounded soldiers into her arms for intense therapy. Under her sexy heels and beneath her black leather crop, these deserving men find acceptance, admiration and love wh...
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A Soldier Never Quits
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Orianna married money but has paid the price. When not playing the socialite by day, she is the victim of domestic abuse by night. As she sits at the window after a brutal beating, the call of a gray wolf lures her into the shadows. Compelled to f...
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Wolf Song
Talon is possibly the only hybrid of his kind—half vampire, half eagle shifter. Bitten and killed by a vampire when he was a shifter, Talon has been in holding for a long time, condemned by both realms. When he meets the man who dropped the ...
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My Immortal
  Army Staff Sergeant Mason Haller is forced to retire from his military career after an IED bomb leaves him severely disabled. His homecoming is not what he expected. Family and friends are unable to accept the fallout of his condition. ...
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The Soldier Next Door
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  In the underground world of street fighting where rules don’t exist, two men are pitted against the odds by a sadistic boss. Men know the stakes going in and must pass initiation. Winners and losers are paid big bucks to entertain...
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Harder to Breathe
  She thought Twilight War was the end, only to discover it’s just the beginning. Flame is in for the shock of her life when a man from her past returns unexpectedly. On top of that, she faces a more dangerous mission than before wh...
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The Unforgiven
  Mistee lives her fantasies through books she writes. When the dreaded monster of writer’s block strikes, she slips into a strange world where fantasy and reality become one. Alone and divorced, she’s lost without her muse. ...
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Add Vampires Then Stir
  Flame can’t deny her attraction to the man she’s supposed to kill and, he’s coming on strong. In a war of darkness, her soul becomes the prize when a haunting mist uses supernatural persuasion to try and mate with her....
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Twilight War
  Gorgeous mermaids have captured the attention of a thirsty clan of vampires. Their salty, nutrient-rich organic blood is what the High Tide Vampires crave. These seductive vampires lurk near the shore when the tide comes in, waiting for...
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Fangs and Fins
  When Flame is duped into a dangerous scheme by her fiancé’s best friend, she agrees to take on the task and kill the man who took Ian’s wife years ago. According to the information obtained, she is the only one with e...
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The Satellite
  Ice has been favored by the Shasta realm—a gap between mortal and immortal worlds where human spirits join those of their ordained animal spirit to become shifters. Those chosen receive one name, which embraces the nature of their...
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Blaze of Fury
  Having run away at the age of fifteen to escape fallout from her siblings’ drug dealings—Starr is on the run again after twenty years in an abusive marriage. A chance meeting with Kaz takes her for a dark ride into the world...
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Animal Sin

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