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Sue Perkins grew up in Devon, England. After her marriage Sue and her husband spent some years travelling the world before starting a family. In 1986 Sue and her family emigrated to New Zealand and subsequently became New Zealand citizens. Her children are now the world travellers while Sue, her husband and dog live on a three acre property at the top of New Zealand’s South Island. Sue works as a graphic artist for a local trade paper. Her interests include writing, reading, genealogy, zumba and line dancing. Sue’s first romance novel was released in May 2007. Her Sky Castles fantasy trilogy, is now available at Whiskey Creek Press. A contemporary romance Three Hearts (plus the prequel free read "Broken Heart") and Blitz a 20th Century Historical Romance (plus the free sequel "Santa's Present are now available from Desert Breeze Publishing. For Middle Grade readers she has two fantasy books published - Spirit Stealer and Reva's Quest - are available from MuseItUp Publishers.

A Note From Sue Perkins

Thank you for visiting my page. I'm delighted to announce four of my books will be released next year. Plus on Desert Breeze Publishing you can find Broken Heart the prequel to Three Hearts and it won't cost you a thing! Broken Heart is a FREE READ for the month of December. My Sky Castles Trilogy was released as a Megabook by Whiskey Creek Press on September 2011. Blitz, a 20th century romance inspired by my parents real life romance, was released 1st May 2011 by Desert Breeze Publshing Spirit Stealer, a fantasy for 10 to 14yr olds, will be released by MuseItUp Publishing October 2011 Dragon Flame, a Young Adult fantasy, will be released by Desert Breeze Publshing on 1st January 2012. Plus I have released Lost on Disc the first of the Microlands Series, on Smashwords, available from 3rd September. This is my latest update, so I hope you enjoy looking at my page. 

Current Releases
Plucked from the sea by a red dragon, the human woman Sie joins the Valdra Clan. Her red friends wish to join the dragon Treaty Alliance, but the other clans consider the Valdra wild and aggressive. Byron, a human friend of the Mondra Clan, works ...
Available Now!
Dragon Clans
Knocked down by a truck Riley wakes on another world. Her ex boyfriend Jothur has transported her there to help his people learn to shield their telepathic minds, although he doesn't tell Riley this. She dreams of two Jothurs, the blond boyfri...
Available Now!
The Sixth Key
Fire breathing dragons destroy Talei's home but when she links telepathically with a dragon, he explains goblins are holding their females hostage. Talei and her friend Adri lead a group of teenagers to free the beasts. Failure means both drag...
Available Now!
Dragon Flame
Reva and her garden gnome arrive in Fey to fight the evil, Malice. Joined by three quest companions, they travel across the land to Malice’s lair. Only Reva can rid the world of Malice, but their journey brings danger, and she wonders if she...
Available Now!
Reva's Quest
  The library is a different world when the doors close for the night. Playful phantoms emerge to tease Fader, the street urchin who sleeps in the warm building. The atmosphere becomes more sinister when the green phantom appears. To stay...
Available Now!
Spirit Stealer
A computer power down ejects a star fighter from his program. Flic works in the operating system, and offers to help Stargun find his way home, but the task is harder than he thinks. The star fighter's impatience leads them into all the wrong ...
Available Now!
Lost on Disc

Available Now!
Sky Castles Trilogy Megabook
Velma’s large family refuse to accept she is now a young woman. She falls in love with Jack and her family discuss whether he is a suitable husband for their youngest sister. She is determined to show her siblings she is now an adult and can...
Available Now!
A deadly plague attacks the Eos, forcing Robard and Tazia to put aside the intimacy problems in their arranged marriage. Robard organises the Dukes of Hejmen to assist in the crisis. Meanwhile Tazia becomes the telepathic holder of the Eos history an...
Available Now!
Sky Castles 3: Ebony & Ivory
Travis Denton's arrival in New Zealand throws Darcy Farrell's life into turmoil. She's never met the man, so why does he dislike her so much? Travis states he is the father of her eight year old niece Brooke. He initially tries to prov...
Available Now!
Three Hearts
Lise leaves her unhappy life on her stepfather's and becomes nanny to the children of the Duchess of Lan. She falls in love with Sard, a member of the Duke's entourage. Sard is called home and swears to return and marry Lise but when he does not come...
Available Now!
Sky Castles 2:Russet & Gold
Sous chef Kirsty Lawrence's problems begin with the arrival of the new hotel manager. Everything she touches ends in disaster. Has she really become so inept or is someone sabotaging her work? Reeve Stuart obviously distrusts her, but she can't help ...
Available Now!
Recipe for Love
Caishel leaves the life of a street urchin to become page to Sire Ailan in the Sky Castle. Desperate to her true gender secret, she tries to keep her feelings for her employer under control. Sire Ailan has already discovered his page is a woman but k...
Available Now!
Sky Castles 1: Blue & Silver

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