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Declan's mother has always been overprotective of his kid sister, Rosie. And ever since the death of his father, when he was fourteen, she'd expected her son to look out for her. When Rosie develops a crush on a guitarist in a band their uncl...
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In the Dark
Jesse Fulton has been tracking a serial killer. It is his obsession, even destroying his private life.  George Murdock is the main suspect, but there isn’t enough evidence to arrest him. Then after Murdock issues Jesse a challenge to find ...
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The Final Victim
Ezra Ross belongs to one of the richest families in the United States, and at the age of nineteen, it seemed his life was all mapped out for him. Home from boarding school, all Ezra wanted to do was goof off for the summer before heading to Yale in S...
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Beneath Me
Darcy Richards left his hometown ten years ago to become a big star, but he is haunted by its memory. When all his devices cease to lift the dark cloud that hangs over him, Darcy decides it’s time to return to Devon and face the past. Darcy kno...
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In a Town Called Devon
Joel Ricki has decided he's had enough of being in foster homes. A few weeks before his eighteenth birthday, he plans to  grab a bus to anywhere. Before he does, he has only one desire, to see The rock group Unhinged in concert. He doesn'...
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Stowaway Heart
Andris is the stoic commander of the Celest Warriors. He was raised in a restrictive environment known as Warrior World where emotional attachment is frowned upon, and warriors must reproduce at least one child before they turn thirty. The planet is ...
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Andromeda's Child
Owen comes from a poor neighbourhood, the building he shares with his grandmother is close to being condemned. Owen’s job delivering liquor on his bicycle helps his grandmother make ends meet and pays for her medication. Owen’s entire lif...
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Absolutely Anything
Two lonely souls find each other amidst mayhem and murder under one of the strangest airports ever, Denver International Airport.
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DIA - One Night at the Denver International Airport
Welcome to Vampire Court, where nothing is as it seems, where justice is swift and severe for the guilty, and the rules are not to be broken. Meet Winter, a gorgeous, human-despising vampire accused of mass murder. Winter hides a secret that could...
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The Undefendable
At this point in their lives Dominick and Rob are sure of only one thing, they love each other and nothing will ever change that. But there are challenges and compromises to be made. Will the sacrifices they make to please each other end up making th...
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Patterns Uncharted
Dominick has recovered from his injuries but is still on suspension from the force. This hasn't deterred him from wanting to solve the Regis murders. Some information from his sister prompts Dominick and Rob to take a weekend trip to Boston. What...
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Patterns Revealed
Rob and Dominick are trying to adjust to married life but Dominick's job takes more time away than Rob expected, especially since Dominick is on the trail of a killer who slaughtered an entire family as they slept. Rob has problems of his own at ...
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More Patterns
A homicide detective, Dominick's marriage to his job had saved him, helping him to leave his feelings for Rob in the past. Or so he'd thought. Then he ran into Rob on his way to work. Ever since their impromptu meeting, Dominick couldn't ...
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