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As Sultry Summers I enjoy writing paranormal, science fiction and fantasy with an erotic flare.  My stories are plot driven but always have a hot and spicy, romantic, erotic sizzle. Though the sex may not always be "down and dirty" it may be sweet and tender but will keep my readers romantic imagination hot as well as their adventurous side satisfied.  Being a Gemini my writing tastes varry sometimes erotic, sometimes sweet and sensual, and characters react to fit their surroundings and conditions.

Since moving from the hot, humid savannahs of Florida to the more moderate and mountainous rain forests of the Blue Ridge I've found an entirely new out look on writing one I think has motivated me to write more fantasy and certainly more in depth characters. People think Florida is heaven and I'll let them continue to think that - I wouldn't want to let the true secret out ...

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I am so please to add the Review for Atlantis Vortex from The Romance Studio to my list of credits.


Sultry Summers
Fantasy romance
Available from Melange Books
ISBN: 978-1-61235-574-0
February 2013

Jessica, lives in South Florida near Lake Okeechobee. She is an talented archaeologist and has just finished her thesis. When she was seventeen, she and her parents were in a boating accident at sea. All Jessica can really recall about that day and the young man who saved them were his unusual aquamarine colored eyes. Now five years later, she is haunted by ethereal dreams she can't quite remember. She has not had these dreams for almost five years since the accident. Why now? One day, while out on one of her daily bike rides, she passes Lake Okeechobee and see something sticking out of the muddy banks. Upon further investigation, she uncovers what turns out to be an ancient Egyptian Pyramid. This discovery, will forever change Jessica's way of thinking and her way of life.

Xerxes is the High Lord of the city of Atlantis. With his piercing aqua-colored eyes and commanding height of six feet seven inches combined with his very alpha nature is a force to be reckoned with. Still he is a fair and just ruler who can be benevolent and kind. He has followed the comings and goings of Jessica's life since their chance meeting at sea five years earlier. With the threat of his civilization being discovered and the danger it imposes on Jessica's life, he must do the only thing left to him and that is to kidnap her. Her place is by his side…forever.

ATLANTIS VORTEX, a 366 pages full-length novel, is by Sheila N. Eskew. This underwater treasure is sure to capture the hearts any lover of fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi romance genre. This reviewer will never look at the ocean or its sea life the same way again. Sheila N. Eskew's ability to created complex subplots will keep you turning the pages in rapid succession! Her original and off-beat concepts in this story will carry you away like a whirling riptide. Be prepared to be amazed and dazed by this oceanic adventure called…ATLANTIS VORTEX…

Overall rating Hearts
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Janalee


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