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Tasheka Green is a beautiful and enigmatic African-American woman in her final year of a Master of Science in Criminology at an Ivy League University. The FBI is so impressed that they’re keen on hiring her. Visiting her peaceful village of Lak...
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The Black Princess Mystery
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On July 10, 1846, Blaze Henry’s life in St. Louis was shattered when her uncle and guardian lost his fortune. He fled, but left Blaze a deed for a huge property in the distant west. To claim the land, she had to reach it by December 31st, a wag...
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Ebony Evans is preparing to leave indefinitely to work in Africa when her ex-fiance, the handsome and rich Ethan Harrington, suddenly and unexpectedly returns after a mysterious absence. He left five years earlier, leaving only a note, but when they ...
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The Reunion
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Latesha Thomas is a beautiful, young African-American woman who lives with her handicapped father. She is in her final year of university and they are having a hard time making ends meet. She decides to start a matchmaking service to make a little ex...
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The End of the Line
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Fanny Brite, the quintessential English prude who runs a finishing school for beautiful aristocratic ladies, is forced to leave her island after an invasion. Along with her four virgin students, the gorgeous Fanny is rescued by a ship full of eleven ...
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The Maiden's Journey
Natalie Prescott, a self-confessed boring librarian, is flying toward a spa in the Canadian wilderness when she gets drawn into a deadly game of revenge. The handsome Roman Wolfe is set up by a billionaire named Viktor, a man who unjustly blam...
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Natalie Unleashed

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Passions in the North Country

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