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Susan Schreyer lives in the great state of Washington with her husband, two children, a demanding old cat and an untrustworthy rabbit. The horse lives within easy driving distance. When not writing stories about people in the next town being murdered, articles for worthy publications, or blogging, Susan trains horses and teaches people how to ride them. She is a member of the Guppies Chapter of Sisters in Crime where she serves as a member of the steering committee, and is co-president of the Puget Sound Chapter of SinC. Death By A Dark Horse is her debut mystery. Levels of Deception is the second in the Thea Campbell mystery series and An Error is Judgment is the third.

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  An Error in Judgment  The third in the Thea Campbell Mystery Series  During the awards ceremony at the Puget Sound Dressage Society's annual banquet dressage judge Sig Paalmann collapses and dies. The wealthy man l...
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An Error In Judgment

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Levels Of Deception
  Thea Campbell goes out for revenge when the one person who is both the most likely and least likely candidate for thief steals her horse. But who murdered the thief? The sheriff believes Thea is involved, and he's not the only one. ...
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Death By A Dark Horse

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