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The story of the fountain follows Semta Youngder from the age of three through her marriage.  Her brother Mondo is four years older. When they move to Laniston, with their father Kevlin--an aspiring artist--the first thing they notice is a lar...
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Charrie and Geoffrey have been married a few months. She and her Uncle Jerry are living in Serennia but are from our world. As such they possess magical powers. Geoffrey is a native, he is the Royal Magistrate and hears cases. They live in a manor ...
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The Magic In Our Hearts
Regina works for the wizard Wychol; she hardly remembers any other life.  The only friend she has is the crow Gorchack, Wychol's familiar. One morning she finds Wychol has disappeared. The crow chooses a book which it indicates Regina s...
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Tara's childhood is fraught with difficulty.  Her brothers tease her unmercifully, especially about her red hair.  She changes to animal shape when she needs to escape her tormentors.  Her parents also treat her badly.  One ...
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Lornay is a very unusual cat who "adopts" the young man Chandor, a college student who lives alone, so he is happy for her company.  The two of them become happily paired.  Chandor finds that Lornay likes to eat her meals with h...
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