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Susan Gourley

A full time writer, Susan lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and children. She writes epic fantasy and science ficiton as well as romance. She has three published romance series and two fantasy series.

A long time member of RWA, she also belongs to Pennwriters, a multi-genre writers groups that covers the entire state of Pennsylvania.

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Current Releases
The demons of his soul are nothing compared to the demons he must face. Magical seals protect the kingdom of Futhark from underworld demons. Every twenty years those seals must be recharged, but nothing is happening as it should as the deadline ap...
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Keepers of Sulbreth
Morbunda is a land still divided centuries after a devastating war when the last dragons turned on their human allies. Men rebuild, but war soon erupts again, this time a battle between human religions. The foundling, Kerik, bitterly accepts his d...
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First Dragon

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