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Susan Kaye Behm was four years old and living with her paternal grandparents due to her mother and fathers battle with alcoholism when two armed soldiers burst into the house, forced her into an animal cage and took her away from the only family that she knew and into a nightmare that would become the norm for the next 9 years. 
Susan and about fifty other children are lined up, held at gun point, stripped of their clothes and thrown into cells. They are drugged, brainwashed and forced into a rigorous combat training where, at six years old, they are taught to aim, shoot and kill. These children, including Susan, are a part of a paramilitary group experiment that was patterned after the Hitler Youth Program. 
It is Susan’s belief that the experiment ended due to the fact that the government was closing in on the group. The group leaders announced that the experiment was over and a massive fire engulfed what had been their homes for nearly a decade, destroying any proof of what these savages did to the children. Susan was 12 years old.
Susan was then sent to live with her alcoholic parents. She was severely beaten and raped repeatedly by her father and physically and emotionally abused by her mother. She was forced to run the household; taking care of her younger sister. Her parents eventually divorced, but she continued to suffer abuse by her mother and eventually began being raped on a regular basis by her step-father and his band of drunks. 
At school, Susan was constantly tormented by other school children because she was different. Seeking a place of acceptance, nine of the children from the militia experiment joined together and formed a street gang similar to the ones that they learned of on television. The gang became a force to be reckoned with and terrorized the community. 
Susan realized that gang violence was not the way to go and decided to leave the gang. She was severely beaten and raped but her life was spared. Susan focused on her school work and graduated in the top 10% of her class and was a member of the National Honor Society. After graduating from Tennessee Temple University, Susan working for the government and is currently a Computer Specialist in the Washington, D.C. area. 
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A Peek Into the Life of Susan Kaye Behm

Enjoying my family vacation

Enjoying my family vacation
My 2 black lab buddies: Cal Ripken and Sammy Sosa

My 2 black lab buddies: Cal Ripken and Sammy Sosa
My first book signing at my friend's home.

My first book signing at my friend's home.

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