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Susan Marie Pfeifer

I live in Marlborough, Massachusetts. 

I love writing and reading and it was a natural progression into writing children's books.  My first book, Starlight,  is dedicated to my mother, who passed away in 1990 and never saw the book come to life.  She was there when I first wrote it in 1984 and was a strong believer that one day it would get published.

I want to share my love for reading(which I got from my mother) with children and to let them know it is okay to daydream!  I was always daydreaming and playing with my make-believe puppy and making up stories as a young child.  Now, all that has come full circle in my writing.  Starlight is the first in a series of books and hopefully it will have a long run and make children happy!

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A Note From Susan Marie Pfeifer

I hope that children and parents alike will enjoy reading Starlight.  There are not a lot of illustrations because I want children to use their own imaginations, as Ashley does in her daydreams!   Enjoy!


"Dream Big & Have Some Fun Doing It"

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Ashley is a seven year old girl who loves to daydream.  In her dreams, she goes on wondrous adventures with her lookalike cloth doll, Whitney, guided by a beautiful unicorn, Starlight, another creation of Ashley's vivid imagination. ...
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