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  A foolish mistake has put Lydia James in a predicament; marry Lord Likely or become the scandal of Bath. Lydia had always believed in a love match and not in arranged marriages. Knowing her stupid indiscretion has put her future happine...
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Her Indescretion
Philip Hampshire can’t believe his good fortune in running into the beautiful Sasha while trying to recover the necklace lost by his brother in a game of cards. It seems Sasha, too, is in search of lost jewelry. When he suggests a wager to s...
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A Thief Too Many
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Widow Deana Adams gets the shock of her life when she discovers a naked man in her living room. It's an even bigger shock when she learns Sir Ian Ashby is over 200 years old. Wanting nothing more than to return him to his grave, Deana soon realizes t...
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A Sterling Affair

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